Women have always desired to continue with their careers amid their busy schedules of raising kids and balancing the needs of their homes. This desire makes these moms look for a job that will not interfere with their schedule. Below is a list of 17 legitimate works from home jobs for stay at home moms that will help them earn some money.


    • Blogger – blogging is an amazing work because it offers a platform to write down your experiences as a stay at home mom. Blogging offers a chance for you to make contributions as you write your daily experiences. You do not have to be a proficient writer to be a good blogger. Instead, if writing is not your staff, you can opt for affiliate marketing.


    • Transcriptionist – such jobs are available always available for stay-at-home moms. They are flexible and easy to perform. Transcription jobs include listening to audio files and recording what you hear in text format, correcting errors, and viewing reports.


    • Web designer – such people are gifted in creating website visuals, designing directional elements, choosing colors and fonts, creating graphics, and coding using HTML. These jobs require some professional experiences. They are flexible and a great source of earning some money.


    • Customer service rep – these jobs are very plentiful. Stay at home mums will find it easy to receive phone calls, give customer assistance, respond to customers’ inquiries, and carry out some admin tasks. If this is something that you can do, get a quiet home office, and if you have knowledge of customer care service, you are good to go. Have some basic knowledge of the required software programs.


    • Data entry specialist – data entry is simple and highly flexible for stay at home mums. This job will help you earn some cash while still managing the daily routine of your house chores and children. If this job is what you are desiring, be sure that you have quick keyboard typing skills. You should also be good at paying attention to details, something that may parents do not struggle with.


    • Recruiting coordinator – do have the knowledge of recruiting employees? If you love hiring people into a new job, becoming a stay at home recruiting coordinator will be a suitable job for you. Your work will be simply to help the human resource personnel with performing background checks, looking at people’s resumes, assisting with interviews, and having new employees onboard.


    • Proofreader – such jobs require moms to be greatly detail-oriented. They should be able to note even the tiniest of errors. Since you are planning to become a virtual proofreader, your main work will be to check on for grammatical errors, formatting issues, the flow of tenses, and many other clarity issues in the piece of content that is before you. You are also to ensure that there is consistency in the text.


    • Online tutor – you can offer an online course, and this will be okay if you can teach a certain subject, course, or unit. If you have a Bachelor’s from an American college or University, you can become an online tutor. As a parent, there are very high chances that at one time, you taught your child to read and write. This will make your work easy when it comes to online tutoring.


    • Virtual assistant – these people offer admin services and support to a team or an individual. Your work will be to scheduling meetings, maintaining calendars and schedules, handling social media platforms and emails, planning events, and sometimes, travelling for business meetings. All these jobs can be done from your home either as full-time or part-time.


    • Health coach – staying at home increases the chances of one becoming less fit; this is especially for those moms who do not always have schedules and what to do. Even as you perform some mental and fitness health activities to keep your body fit, you can extend these practices to others. Health coaching will be an ideal job to earn you some money but also in offering others with healthy lifestyles.


    • Make-up consultant – become an online make-up consultant and help people pick the make-up that suits their skin shade.


    • Marketing specialist –this field offers very many jobs, and they include SEO specialists, marketing coordinators, content strategists, and many other jobs. Here, you will be promoting a certain product or service. As a marketing specialist, you will need to apply knowledge on outreach and branding for you to be a successful marketing specialist.


    • Accounting clerk – your work here will be keeping financial records, preparing reports, reconciling bank statements, providing clerical support, and processing transactions. In this job, you will need to have knowledge of data entry, word processing, and bookkeeping. Clerks can choose whether to make this job full-time or part-time work.


    • Graphic designer – visual and digital designers will find this job interesting. Your work here will be to create ads and logos, create book designs, and to design a website.


    • Online stylist – are you a fashionista and therefore desire to be an online stylist? If this defines you, you’re in the right place. In this job, you do require the background of formal education. It calls for creativity and a mind that can invent. You will only be required to choose cloth accessories and items and transform them to be attractive.


    • Social media specialist – moms are good at posting the achievements of their kids. When it comes to this work, it becomes an easy task for most moms. Here, you may be a social media evaluator who checks the quality and relevance of ads. Alternatively, you can opt to be writing content for social media platforms.


  • Travel consultant – this job is fun as your work will be to make travel arrangement for clients from the comfort of your home.



It may be difficult for stay at home mom to get a good job. You will want to take full care of your kids and the house chores around you. We understand all these. The mentioned legitimate work from home jobs is very flexible for stay at home moms. They will help you make financial contributions to your family and also keep you from being lazy.

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