Something big is going to happen in the world of work. People from all walks of life and ages are creating blogs and transferring their entire businesses online. Do blobs of text, blended with some images have superpower? Superpower or not, in modern world, everything is possible when you have access in internet. Businesses are coming to internet. Marketers are reaching to their customers with their products through blogs. A blog is an informational website where people share their ideas through texts and share them with the people worldwide. Though blogging is not available for writers only, but it is also available to marketers and businessmen.

In 2020, bloggers are really earning money through blog posts though it is a wonder to everybody. Successful bloggers are making a lot of money. Do you want to know how to make money through blogging? Well, I will guide you about this. To know the process of making money through blogging, at first you have to know how to make a blog.

Creating a Blog:

I have already said that blog is nothing but a website. So you have to go through some website making process. But it is not that hard. Follow the steps I’m describing here and you are all set.

Step-1: Unleash ideas within you

For creating a blog, you don’t need to have a revolutionary idea. But you should have specific subject for your blog. You should remember, no idea is unique, though the writing is good. But your experience is unique. You probably have a vibrant attitude which will attract others. For choosing blog’s niche, there are two questions you have to ask yourself.

  1. Do I enjoy learning this topic?
  2. Are others be interested in the same topic?

Whatever the topic you pick, you have to love it and be curious about it. If not, you won’t be able to create contents for your audience. At the same time, you have to think about others. You should know about your audience’s taste and expectations. Whenever these two limitations are overcame, you are ready to share your idea.

Step-2: Give your blog a name and get web hosting

This is an important step. Because your blog name is your brand. It’s how everyone will remember you. When you’re starting a blog, you need two things. First one is a domain name. This is your blog name. If you do not satisfy with your domain name first, you can change it later after starting the blog.

Second one is web hosting. Web hosting is a service that allows your blog to be accessed through internet. There are plenty of web hosting companies. I can suggest you Bluehost, a well-known web hosting company. If you are new at blogging, Bluehost is recommended for you.

Step-3: Install WordPress

WordPress is a blogging software. It is free, powerful and user-friendly. Without WordPress, you will find many software which are costly. WordPress offers you thousands of plugins to modify your blog in any way without any costs. People who do not have any technical knowledge can use WordPress without any hassle.

Step-4: Design your blog with WordPress theme

WordPress designs are called themes in blogging world. There are thousands of themes to choose from in WordPress archive. You can swap out your theme any time you want. In WordPress dashboard, you will find an option ‘Appearance’. There you will find themes for your blog and choose one.

Step-5: Customize and optimize your WordPress blog

There are endless customizations that you can make on WordPress blog. Let’s stick with the essentials. You have provided a theme for your blog at previous step. Now you are going to customize the theme using plugins, contents etc. You can add plugins to add forum, contact form or sliders. These are not always available by default. In your active theme, you will find ‘Customize’ button. Clicking there, you will have the access to design your blog.

Then you can go for SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website for finding in search engines for a single keywords and phrases. The majority of your SEO efforts will be creating contents that will engage real people. In WordPress, you can get started by downloading a plugin, “Yoast SEO”. In appearance, you will find plugin option. Go there and add the plugin. Then sign in using your Google account and perform the steps to optimize your WordPress blog. You will find videos in YouTube regarding this step. You can follow those videos for better understanding. This is the largest step of creating a blog. So perform this step carefully or can take help from the expert one.

Step-6: Writing blog topics

After 5th step, technical side of your blog is all set up. Now you are ready to post blogs about your personal experiences, passions, successes, failures and much more interesting. Before writing something, ask yourself three questions:

  • What should be written about?
  • What to blog about?
  • Am I ready for blogging?

If you are determined with an idea before blogging, you are all set. WordPress uses an editor, similar to your favourite word processing tool like Microsoft Word. From the dashboard, click on ‘Posts’ and then ‘Add New’. Then the editor will open and you start writing choosing your font style and size. After you give a title to your blog, WordPress will automatically create a permalink based on your title. Then you start typing the body of your article and can write until you feel happy with your content. Images, links, tables, attachments can be added in the article. After finishing writing, preview it and then click ‘Publish’ button. Thus, your article will be published in the blog and optimized for search engine traffic.

Making Money from the Blog:

Now, let us discuss about the main topic of this article- making money. Nowadays, it is possible to make money from blogs and it is 100% legit and realistic. For a beginner, he/she have to allow 6 months for making 1st income. At least 2 years of blogging needed for full-time income. If you are lucky, you may start full time income within less time. But you have to be fully dedicated for writing contents in your blog. To maintain a quality blog, it takes a lot of hours per week and also your patience. Besides that, there are five main ways to make money. These are called ‘Income Streams’. These fie ideas are described below:

  1. Advertising & Sponsored Content: Companies want to give their product in front of their customers. Advertising is easy to start, making it popular income stream for many bloggers. However, it makes your readers frustrated and your site look cheap and unplanned. Therefore, it is not a top recommendation.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: You can promote someone’s product to your readers as affiliate marketer. You can provide a link of that product or service. When someone clicks through that link and purchase the product, you receive a commission. It is one of the most profitable income streams. Highly recommended.
  3. Digital Products: Many bloggers create their own digital products and sell them. Digital products don’t require inventory and can be distributed quickly and easily. E-courses, online classes or workshops, Ebooks, premium content etc. are some examples of digital products.
  4. Physical Products: Some bloggers sell some physical products through their blogs. For example, books, handmade products, in-person conferences, events etc. It can be profitable. But it can get complicated with keeping inventory, shipping returns etc.
  5. Services: Some bloggers share their fields of expertise in their blog topics. When someone hire them, they get paid. Speaking, VA (Virtual Assistance), Freelancing, organising etc. are examples of services bloggers provide. This is an excellent way to make money quickly. In this method, startup cost is low, no inventory needed and get paid for your skills.


Making money through blogging is easy and recommended by successful bloggers. You may earn money through blogging following these procedure. But there are some extra tips for newbies. You can use as much as income streams, but don’t lower the quality of your blog. Try to publish excellent articles in your blog. It will attract your readers and fulfil their expectations. Never copy another blogger. Make yourself a unique blogger. Above all, don’t create a blog only for earning money. Successful bloggers never do this. Rather they publish articles about an enjoyable topic and can write about it indefinitely. Then the money grows automatically.

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